This edition of Illustrated Women is History is to celebrate the centenary of (some) women gaining the ability to vote after lengthy campaigns by women who fought tirelessly for women’s suffrage.

1918 – 2018

“Women do not want their political power to enable them to boast that they are on equal terms with the men. They want to use it for the same purpose as men – to get better conditions. Every woman in England is longing for her political freedom to make the lot of the worker pleasanter and to bring about reforms which are wanted. We do not want it as a mere plaything.”

– Selina Cooper

Illustrations from my Illustrated Women in History series at or @illustratedwih on instagram.

Zines are handmade to order and are approx. 50 pages

Zine features Illustrations and biographies of

Edith New
Emmeline Pankhurst
Christabel Pankhurst
Annie Kenney
Emily Wilding Davison
Sophia Duleep Singh
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Millicent Fawcett
Ethel Smyth
Edith Margaret Garrud
Harriet Taylor Mill
Elsie Bowerman
Lucy Deane Streatfeild
Flora Drummond
Selina Cooper
Edith Mansell Moullin
Sylvia Pankhurst
Mary Neal
Sophia Jex-Blake
Constance Markievicz
Emmeline Pethick Lawrence
Rosa May Billinghurst
Dora Montefiore
Marie Stopes