A Sudden Poet

In December last year I was asked to illustrate a poetry book by gail from devizes. I created all illustrations for the book using the poetry as inspiration and was also responsible for the layout. A Sudden Poet is available from Devizes Books for £7.

Exhibition of Illustrated Women in History

  I will be exhibiting selected portraits from Illustrated Women in History at HOURS gallery in Bristol, England. There will be a public launch event on Saturday April 9th 5-9 pm with a FAN CLUB NOTTS DJ set. You can find out more about FAN CLUB and what they do here and on tumblr @fanclubzine   Other viewing […]

Sketchbook Project 2016

These illustrations are part of my submission for the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project 2016. My sketchbook began as drawings of flowers that were a part of my wedding bouquet. I used the sketchbook to experiment with line drawings of flowers to work on and refine my drawing skills as I usually work digitally.

Illustrated Women in History

After reading, and getting angry about the recent articles about the museum which was granted planning permission based on an application stating it to be a museum for celebrating women in history and instead has manifested as a Jack the Ripper museum. I was inspired to start looking in women in history, I hadn’t realised […]

Painted Skull Patterned Tote Bag

Skull patterned tote with process photos 1. Pencil outlines 2. First skull hand painted in fabric paint 3. Painting in progress 4. Finished tote bag with skull pattern

Wedding Favour badges

1″ badge designs created as wedding favours for Mr & Mrs Peck’s wedding favours. The first two images are alternative options and the third is the design that the couple chose. All options feature hand drawn type and the heart and banner were illustrated for the design.

Johnny Flynn for Amelia’s Magazine

My illustration of Johnny Flynn has been included in Amelia’s Magazine’s interview with the musician. You can read the whole interview and see the other brilliant illustrations included in the post here.

Kate Nash 2013 N. American Tour Poster

Poster created for singer, girl gang instigator and riot grrrl Kate Nash after a call-out for posters via twitter. Typography was hand-drawn and the image of Kate Nash was illustrated in a retro pin-up style.