Julie Gough

I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer currently living in Bristol where I fill up many sketchbooks when I’m not working or distracted by my pug or my cat. I am inspired by popular culture, the wide range of artists that I follow on social media and my imagination. I am also a qualified Art teacher and always building up my artistic skills so that I can improve the quality of design I’m able to offer to clients.

I taught myself how to illustrate digitally after being dissatisfied with just playing with the layout of a promotional photograph and a band logo to create posters. I bought my first Wacom tablet and after a bit of experimentation to work on my own style I’ve never looked back!

I have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of projects to date, from exhibition programmes to logos to business cards to wedding stationery and each has been produced using a collaborative approach and a desire to create something that satisfies the client and that I am always proud to say I created. Creating posters and logos for clients has also lead to creating my own fonts because somehow it seemed easier than trawling through other peoples on font websites and I’ve been able to create fonts of peoples handwriting (including my own) so that their logo is as personal as it can possibly be!