Painted Skull Patterned Tote Bag

Skull patterned tote with process photos 1. Pencil outlines 2. First skull hand painted in fabric paint 3. Painting in progress 4. Finished tote bag with skull pattern

Robin Linocut Two Colour Print

  For one of the first times that I’ve attempted a two colour print I think this one of a Robin came out pretty well! I started by drawing the robin onto greaseproof paper and transferred the main shape onto one piece of lino and the red breast onto a smaller piece. I then cut […]

Thank You Cards

Photos above are 1. Stamp cut out of lino 2. Cards folded and ready 3. Ink tray and lino 4. Inking up the linoblock 5. Experiments with printing 6. Finished cards. Here are some photos of Thank You cards I created by lino printing onto brown card. It was pretty difficult in this heat to […]