Robin Linocut Two Colour Print


Robin Linocuts by Julie Gough

For one of the first times that I’ve attempted a two colour print I think this one of a Robin
came out pretty well! I started by drawing the robin onto greaseproof paper and transferred
the main shape onto one piece of lino and the red breast onto a smaller piece. I then cut
out the red first as it was easiest and checked that it printed okay. When I did the same with
the main body of the Robin it looked a little bit dull (image 4) and so I added more and
more detail before I was happy with the print. For the final print I printed the red breast
first before printing the black over the top. Looks very festive on my mantlepiece!

Johnny Flynn for Amelia’s Magazine


My illustration of Johnny Flynn has been included in Amelia’s Magazine’s interview with the musician. You can read the whole interview and see the other brilliant illustrations included in the post here.

Green Open Homes Illustrations



These illustrations were created for the new Green Open Homes website set up by the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The website is designed to help organisers of Green Open Homes events and showcase the ways in which you can make low carbon improvements to your home. All events are given mini-websites to promote their events and there is a calendar of open homes events on the website. These illustrations were created to provide resources for those who are organising their own events and can be downloaded in full from the Marketing & Publicity section
of the website for anyone who is organising an Open Homes event.

Kate Nash 2013 N. American Tour Poster


Poster created for singer, girl gang instigator and riot grrrl Kate Nash after a call-out for posters via twitter. Typography was hand-drawn and the image of Kate Nash was illustrated in a retro pin-up style.

Logo Design for James Purvis


Today I was able to create a logo for a friend who made both my engagement ring, and my wedding ring. We started with a vague idea that he wanted an ‘arts + crafts’ feel to the logo, and I drew out the letters for him adding extras like the dot and double lines in the ‘A’ as I crafted the text. I came up with the logo above, and the business card design below. In addition to this, I put together a simple wordpress site which can be seen at


Sheer Music


Design created for Kieran Moore of Sheer Music. Text was hand drawn to look like it had been sheared into the sheep’s wool.

Fancy Goldfish & a Black Moor


This is an illustration I did a while ago of my fish for the front of a greetings card.
I’m not really sure why they all ended up looking so unhappy/shellshocked!