Illustrated Women in History

Emily_Wilding_Davison_by_Julie Gough

After reading, and getting angry about the recent articles about the museum which was granted planning permission based on an application stating it to be a museum for celebrating women in history and instead has manifested as a Jack the Ripper museum. I was inspired to start looking in women in history, I hadn’t realised before how little I know about the women who should be celebrated throughout history but aren’t because they just aren’t part of the things that we are taught in school. I am going to learn about women in history and illustrate the women I look into as a small way of celebrating their achievements.

These are the first three illustrations I have done of Emmeline Pankhurst, Harriet Tubman and Emily Wilding Davison. You can read about these women and more on my blog at Illustrated Women in History



Emmeline Pankhurst_by_Julie_Gough