Logo Design for James Purvis

Today I was able to create a logo for a friend who made both my engagement ring, and my wedding ring. We started with a vague idea that he wanted an ‘arts + crafts’ feel to the logo, and I drew out the letters for him adding extras like the dot and double lines in […]

Sheer Music

Design created for Kieran Moore of Sheer Music. Text was hand drawn to look likeĀ it had been sheared into the sheep’s wool.

Fancy Goldfish & a Black Moor

This is an illustration I did a while ago of my fish for the front of a greetings card. I’m not really sure why they all ended up looking so unhappy/shellshocked!

Internet Misogyny

A while ago I was asked to illustrate internet misogyny for an online magazine. The magazine didn’t end up going with the article so it was never published. It was quite difficult to think of a way to illustrate this, but I’d like to think I managed it!

Thank You Cards

Photos above are 1. Stamp cut out of lino 2. Cards folded and ready 3. Ink tray and lino 4. Inking up the linoblock 5. Experiments with printing 6. Finished cards. Here are some photos of Thank You cards I created by lino printing onto brown card. It was pretty difficult in this heat to […]